Ultra boost link grand eagle

Ultra boost link grand eagle
Ultra boost link grand eagle

Ultra boost link grand eagle

Ultra boost link grand eagle a new game developed by novomatic. A victory of a strong animal with a strong spirit. Ultra boost link grand eagle is a type of game that uses an eagle that is the game icon. Birds are strong and have an exciting story. This meat-eating bird can be said to be an eagle that is protected, so the novomatic team is interested and makes a game series.

The game in the form of 5 reels will give gamers a chance to win by unlocking the game’s spins and jackpots. Types of game payments that can be obtained with a total of 50 game payments. Games that are played with real money can provide unexpected winning values. When entering the game, gamers can start playing it by placing a game bet value.

Game button

Centrosagardenhado – To start playing you can determine the value of the bet you want. Press the mint and plus signs to reduce or increase the value of the desired bet. Every time you play the game ultra boost link grand eagle you will see some unique symbols and there may be symbols that you know in the game.

To know each other’s symbols and steps to win, you can use game info. An info that tells how and the number of symbols that gamers must get. Some of the symbols that you can know are the following: harpy, bald eagle, Javanese eagle, brown eagle, white head eagle, coins, jackpot and remy cards [A, K, Q, J, and 10].

symbol of the bird of victory//Eagle

wild games

Each symbol has a different value and function. The wild symbol is on the white head eagle image. Wild which can replace all game symbols except scatter and bonus games. For the scatter is on the gold coin sign. Scatter that can give gamers unexpected wins.

When gamers get 2 wilds that expand in the game roll, gamers will get the coin value that is doubled. In the ultra boost link game, the grand eagle will surprise you with wins and game jackpots that can give you a high value. There are 4 game jackpots that gamers can get, namely: mini, minor, medium and large.

Spin lock

During the spin of the game if you get 6 tokens of the same coin with a number of different values ​​​​will activate the spin lock. The screen will be locked and the only thing that can move is the reels that haven’t earned any coins. Meanwhile, the coins will remain silent and cannot move until they spend the number of free spins.

Each coin that is successfully obtained will give 3 free spins on each coin. Not only different coin values ​​that gamers can get but you can also get the game jackpot. Free spins will continue to appear if you manage to get coins while still in the spin lock position.

Unroll and free spins

When formed together 9 coins that gamers get will activate the ultra boost coin symbol. This will give gamers the opportunity to get key coins with additional free spins as well. The coin will unlock the locked scroll. The locked scroll will appear above the previous scroll.

The locked reels will help find coins for you and during the ultra boost you will likely get free spins too. Very high chance of winning. If you get a jackpot sign, especially a large one, it will give a high value.