Magic 81

Magic 81
Magic 81

Magic 81 novomatic

Magic 81 provides a lot of magic in winning combination symbols that can make you win big. Many amazing fruit symbols affect the multiplier value. Being a winner can pay from left to right will pay in position. Magic 81 will offer lots of fresh and delicious fruit.

With 4 reels and 3 rows will arrange and form a winner. prepare a plan to win the magic game 81.81 A mature and successful plan will make gamers win with an attractive symbol offer. How can you still not believe it? ok let’s go in and coalesce game magic 81. Feel its power and all symbols in the game. The charm of a very exciting game with a classic theme will make you addicted.

Play games with fruit symbols

Centrosagardenhado – Playing magic 81 games makes you feel like playing in a casino from abroad. Hearing the title and form of the game, of course you think that this game is an ancient game so you feel bored and reluctant to play. But there’s no need to worry, even though it looks normal, the magic 81 game is still popular and loved by many gamers.

The magic symbol 81 will replace any symbol. Because magic 81 is a wild sign. Its appearance is very frequent, so gamers don’t need to be afraid of the shape of the symbol value. The shape of the fruit is very tempting to make you can not stand to eat fruit – fruit. There are types of fruit available lemon, cherry, orange, plum, grape, and watermelon. There is also a bar, the number 7 and the magic 81 logo.

big chance to win//fruits

The position of the value obtained

Slot games that have many types of color images that are designed to be suitable for all groups. A game that has a lot of appeal on each reel. As a result of the game, gamers can place bets ranging from 40 to 1o. thousand the number of bets that you can use. Want to know how much value gamers will get, you can look at the bottom of the screen there is something that says credit which is every value or coin that gamers get will be added directly to the credit.

Next to the credit, gamers can choose plus and minus. Signs that help gamers regulate the amount of bets that gamers want so that the credit value does not run out quickly. So much potential to win that gamers can get on every spinning reel. The symbol will be divided into several parts that can form a value. Each symbol that is divided will give a double value, and increase the value so many times.


Symbols that have a low value on the bar, cherry, orange, plum, and lemon symbols. If the gamer manages to get the same 4 marks, it will give a high score. Being able to get multiple wilds will get you multiple different values ‚Äč‚Äčlike:

– 1 wild get double value 2x

– 2 wilds are given 4x

– 3 magic icons 81 = 8x

To play the game you have to prepare some money to place the value of the game bet. Playing with cash will give you the opportunity to get attractive bonuses and earn a lot of money.

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