Fruits of fortune
Fruits of fortune


A game that will invite you to see fresh fruit and unexpected winning values. New Fruits of fortune game presented by novomatic. Games that have exciting sounds full of enthusiasm. The fruits of fortune game is a type of game that has the shape of fruits and the game form is almost the same as the hot sizzling game.

Even though the game looks the same, the opening is different. the moment to start playing the game gamers will be warmly welcomed by some strains of music and beautiful writing early into the game. the fruits of fortune logo in the form of a spinning wheel that gives many interesting wins. Games that use this slot machine have the form of 5 reels and 3 rows.

Luck and play with real money bets

Centrosagardenhado – To be able to win, gamers have to think about several steps to be able to win a lot. Only 10 steps can get the game’s paid value. many symbols that will spread and grow in the game fruits of fortune. In playing Fruits of Fortune, gamers will continue to pray incessantly. Because of the nature of this fruits of fortune game, it’s chancy. If gamers are lucky, gamers can get a lot of wins.

The more credits that gamers get, the gamers will get many rounds of the game and the chances of winning are even greater. Types of bets that use real money. Still curious about the fruit of fortune game? Some symbols in the game can gamers see and enjoy to their heart’s content by pressing game info. In the info, all the secrets of victory can be found by gamers without having to guess.

symbol full of big win value//fruits

Symbol and direction of victory

There will be many symbols that can be found in the info. Not only symbols, but also symbol values ‚Äč‚Äčthat you can get if the motives are the same. Types of symbols in fruits of fortune: plums, cherries, lemons, grapes, watermelons, and oranges. There are also bells, bar writing, x, number 7 and stars.

The direction of the game starts from left to right. The star in the game is a scatter game so gamers can win by getting the same 3 marks. In addition, gamers will also get free spins in the game. the fruits of fortune symbol will give a large value. This great value can be obtained when the motif fills the screen.

Play games by going through websites and links

If gamers want to get a lot of coins, they can get some symbols and make the sign enlarge or expand so that the screen is covered by fresh fruit. Full fruit that fills all screens will make gamers get a lot of value from full fruit. Games that are easy to play so gamers can get a lot of value.

The highest value obtained in the game can be as much as 150, game betting coins. So what are you waiting for if you are still curious about the fruit of fortune game? gamers can play the game by using the website or by link. Playing with links will speed up the login process so it’s easy and effortless.

Play with cell phone

No need to download anymore, just play using the website or link. Only by using a mobile phone with an IOS Android mobile device can you play. If gamers are still not satisfied, they can play by pressing the auto play button. Auto play is a type of game that is played automatically. The game screen will rotate by itself so gamers don’t have to press anymore. Only by waiting for the rotation of the game, the gamer has won.